Everybody Deserves to Feel Beautiful — Why Plus Sized Fashion is Important

Thin, white, straight and stereotypically ‘feminine’ features are just a few of the characteristics that most fashion brands want their customers to have. The myth of the “ideal body”, as showcased through models, has scarred generations of plus sized women who have been shut out of the fashion industry for far too long. It’s 2019, and it’s time that things start changing.  

Here’s why size inclusivity in the fashion industry is important, and long overdue.

 Plus Size Dress

Real women are more than just a ‘size zero’

Around 68% of American women are more than size 14 and that just tells you that despite what the numerous models on the runway might make you think, there are plenty of women in the world who aren’t a size zero. The fact that fashion magazines smooth out any stretch marks or stomach rolls on models that are even below size 3, sets an unrealistic expectation for real women who embody all of these physical traits.

Huge prospects for the plus fashion market

If most women are plus sized, why do brands keep making clothes for only a small section of the female population? Plus sized teens account for 34 percent of the market, and the number keeps increasing every day. It doesn’t make sense that brands only make money from a small customer base instead of broadening it for plus sized women and making more money for their own businesses. Independent brands are making use of this opportunity by targeting women of all sizes and thriving in the fashion industry.

Plus Size Dress

Making women feel beautiful

The myth of the ideal body type wasn’t doing women around the world any favors. Since society puts so much emphasis on women having to look pretty, being unable to find clothes that fit you can affect one’s mental health to a great extent. It is common among plus sized women to feel that they are not good enough for the clothes that noteworthy fashion brands put out. And it is time that the body shaming takes a back seat so women can feel beautiful about themselves in clothes that they want to wear.

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